S’mores skewers FAQs


Q: How may I buy one kit of this Zurrio S’mores skewers?

A: We offer our Zurrio set to our customer via Amazon and all our fulfilment is done by Amazon’s professional shipping service.


Q: What is the length of the additional bamboo skewers?

A: They are 12 inches long.


Q: What is the retracted length of the S’mores stick?

A: The retracted stick is 12 inches long.


Q: Are the prongs wide enough for sausages?

A: Stainless steel prongs are about 3/4″ apart.


Q: Are these skewers sturdy enough for hot dogs?

A: Yes, of course they are.


Q: Does the metal part (telescopic rod and fork) get hot? I do not want to get burned.

A: It depends how far into the fire the marshmallow fork is given. We recommend avoid the direct contact of flames with a fork. Wait until there are only hot coals in the fireplace. You will not burn your marshmallows or sausages and you will have a better control with roasting.


Q: Do these marshmallow roasting sticks have rotating handles?

A: You have to turn the handle in your hand to rotate the marshmallow.


Q: Are the tips of forks sharp?

A: No, the tips are flat. They are not pointed.


Q: Are these sticks dishwasher safe?

A: Although our forks are made out of the top quality stainless steel and varnished wood, we recommend to you to clean these sticks only under running water with sponge and soap. Heat and steam which is produced by dishwasher could possibly cause the rod to come loose from the wooden handle because there is glue involved in the handmade manufacturing process.


Q: Are there different length setting?

A: Yes, you can set any length you like. Sticks are able to extend to any length between 12 to 32 inches.